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Honestly it wasn't. Things got better as the night went on. I'll explain.

Mom told me where the girl lived, so I drove over to pick her up, even though I had no idea what we were going to do. She was already waiting outside and I got a little maybe she was really excited about this date. Then I started to feel bad because I thought I was going to disappoint her.

Suddenly, she bolted to the car, jumped in and said "Go! Go! Trust me...just go!" I was so nervous that I floored it and sped down her street. After a few seconds she tells me to slow down. I'm basically freaking out and she looks over at me and says "We're safe now." I was like, "From what?"

"My mother," she said. "She wanted to meet you. And it would have been nothing but bad things. Trust me. I just saved your life." Hahaha. She introduced herself to me...Daphne. And I will admit, she's a very pretty girl. I don't understand why she doesn't get dates and I told her this. She told me that she's not out looking. She's too busy with other things, college and working and friends, to have to worry about a boyfriend, too. Then she realized she was on a date and got a little flustered and apologized. So I told her she had nothing to worry about...that, although she seemed very cool, I wasn't really into girls, but that my parents didn't really get that. Thank god she did, though.

I didn't just want to take her back home or anything so I figured we'd have our little "blind date" anyway. She was up for it. We decided to catch a movie...she wanted to see "Bend It Like Beckham" which was actually a really funny movie. Then afterward I suggested we go to the coffee shop. We had some good conversation. Daphne is a really great girl, very open and very accepting, which is always good. And I think that we could both be really great friends. She's up for it. I'm up for it. So...yes. I have a new friend. :o)

I decided I wanted to crash at Mallory's tonight. I'm not up to giving my mother the details of this little "date" just yet. I got here a little while cell rang the second I got out of my car. Jeff. Yea, he knows just when to call it seems. He didn't even bother to say hi first. Just "How was your date with your giiiiiirlfriend?" What an ass. ;o) I told him the whole story, about how she didn't want a boyfriend and how I DID want a boyfriend, so things weren't going to work out in that area...but we did hit it off in the way of a friendship. He seemed pleased about that.

We had a nice conversation on the phone. No screaming, no our conversations have been for the past few days. Absence makes the heart grow fonder, I guess. We kinda hit a lull in the conversation and um, I kinda spilled about Mallory.

I know I was a little vague about it in the last entry, but things were getting a little too fast and a little too crazy for me. Mallory says she's pregnant...but she's not sure. Or something. She was talking to someone on the phone about it and I kinda heard. I suck, I know...and it's not really my place to say anything, but I'm worried for her. It was nagging at me all night. That's why I told Jeff. He seemed pretty surprised. He's known Mal for as long as he's known me, and she's always been like a big sister to him, too. I told him I probably shouldn't have said anything...that we shouldn't talk about it right now, but I had to get it off my chest to make me feel a little better. He understood...told me he was glad that he could make me feel better about it, even if it just was by listening to me.

Having someone around that will just listen to you sometimes is a great help...and I have so many people like that. Mal, Jeff, and now Dapnhe. Well...and all of you out there who actually take the time to read this. :o)

Ok...I think I'm gonna go crash in the guest room for a little. I had quite an eventful day. It's a little out of the ordinary for me, the one who spends most of his time in front of a TV or a computer screen.

Hmm...I think I hear Mal now...
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