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I spent some time in town today with Daph. We went shopping while trying on wacky hats and drinking over-priced lattes. The next thing I know Daph and I are at this party (not a wild one, more like a dinner party type of gathering) on the top of an apartment building. There were all kinds of people there. They were all so colorful, in both attire and in their mannerisms.

I can be so anti-social sometimes. Daph finally got a little tired of keeping me company and decided to say hi to some of the girls on the stairway. I just sat on one of those woven plastic lawn chairs, not talking to anyone and almost wishing that I wasn't there.

I was beginning to blend in to the chair, when this voice behind me says, "You know there are some people, very rare people, who actually have fun at parties. And then there are the tortured poet types who are so introverted in the sexiest way." I slightly turned my head, unsure if the Voice was talking to me.

And then, there he was. The sunlight seemed to frame his face in an almost angelic way. His golden curly hair looked like something out of a Michelangelo painting. He was so much more than beautiful.

The next thing I knew, I was telling Noah my life story. He smiled as if he was genuinely interested. What seemed like just a few minutes later, we were exchanging cell phone numbers.

We sort of separated for awhile, as the sky began to slowly darken. The hostess began lighting fluorescent citronella candles. I sat next to Daphne at a long picnic table. She told me about this girl Michelle that she thought was kind of cute, and I told her about Noah. It felt so good to have a friend around who I could just gush with.

The party began to get kind of out of hand. More and more people were coming over, until finally I decided to make my way down the stairs and just leave.

I waited for a cab out on the sidewalk in front of the old brick building.
"Hey, were you gonna leave without saying goodbye?" Noah came up behind me and kind of whispered this.

I was kind of stunned and surprised. Before I had a chance to say anything, Noah kissed me. It was surprising and wonderful, as the last pieces of daylight dissolved into the horizon.

After that everything was kind of a blur. I just remember arriving at Mal's front door with a blissful smile on my face. I hate surprises, usually, but this one was like a curve ball. I haven't even had time to take it all in. I think I really like Noah, so why do I feel uneasy about all of this? I need to sleep. I want to sleep. but after last night's dream, i am not sure if sleep is the best thing.

I think i will just lie on Mal's couch with my eyes open for a while... just thinking...
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