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sorry i haven't written in awhile. i've been drowning my confusion in alcohol and i just haven't been myself lately. i've been locked in my room, wondering how things in my life got so out of control. i went from having no boyfriends to two guys that both really like me. how am i suppose to choose one?

of course jeff and i have tons of history but noah was there when jeff took off for the road. i can't say who will be there for me if i needed someone. i'd like to think it would be jeff since i've known him longer, but noah is so sweet and sincere. they're two completely different guys and i think i've fallen for them both.

well, at least i've put down the bottle, and have been trying to clear my fogged up mind. i need to be really sober to figure this one out, even if reality does hurt. i'll try to get back to the journal soon. i've got some mjor decising making to do. the time for indecisiveness is over.

wish me luck. i'm going to need it.
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