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I lied.

Being away from Jeff isn't all that good. Yea. I know we drive each other crazy. A lot. More than usual as of late.

But I just got a call from him. I have no idea where he is right now...probably some cheap ass hotel in the middle of nowhere. He sounded upset. Told me that the show went horrible. He thinks the tour is going to be horrible. He over reacts sometimes...but I didn't say that to him. I just sat and listened and felt bad and wished I could have been there with him. Like that would have helped, despite everything that's happened with us these past few weeks. Despite the huge fight we had before he left. God. That was awful.

It kinda scares me that I want to be where he is so bad. I can tell it's a different kind of feeling than "My friend is having a hard time and I want to help him out." It's more than that. But I can't explain.

All I know is that I miss him. I want to be in that cheap ass hotel with him and let him know that one bad show isn't going to ruin this for him.

But right now, I'm sitting on Mal's couch feeling sad and confused and...other things. Hm. I don't like this.
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