angry like the sun (elliotismygod) wrote in ethandarling,
angry like the sun

for so long...

i've been trying to start up a band. i'm the most non-musical person i know. it's been awhile since i've talked to Jeff. i guess you could say that we've parted ways. someday, i hope that i can figure out what happened. i feel like i was just left, alone and mystified.
so maybe this whole band thing is a way to cope. boysingsblue broke up, so Jeff and I have kind of switched places. he's returned to the sad, lonely world of medical school, and i am joining the sad world of rock and roll.
I guess i should tell you a bit about my band. we are currently nameless. Kayla, Mallory's friend, is on bass. Morgan Williams, my roomate from freshman year at Columbia, is the drummer. And Keith is the 2nd guitar player.
Mallory said that the one benefit of dating a former guitarist (jeff) is that at least i picked up some guitar skills. i hope she's right about that...
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